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Research Program 3

Digital Eco System - A.I. digital twin development and data analysis

A Digital Ecosystem will be crucial for the productive use of AM in an industrial environment. Digital AM solutions enable the Australian industry to exploit the full potential of AM.

  • Data management, control and protection Digital solutions for the full AM data life cycle are critical. From embedded sensor providing real-time data to the management and sharing of product and process data via secure and reliable infrastructure and including Big Data analysis for quality management multiple new solutions are needed to fulfill Cybersecurity standards, improve efficiency and participate in international supply chains.

  • Scanning and 3D-image recognition and interpretation Real-time digital modelling devices, new image and voxel recognition and interpretation are needed to integrate the physical with the digital world and increase the productivity of industrial AM. The combination of digital prototyping and physical testing cycles will be significantly accelerated.

  • Process automation, human assistance and Industry 4.0 integration Partial or full process automation and digital support for human operators are necessary to harness the full productivity potential of modern AM. The integration in smart Industry 4.0-based production systems and supply chains will give the manufacturing and related sectors a competitive advantage.

  • Machine learning and AI Based on validated data innovative Machine Learning and AI models and algorithm will support operators of AM systems with real time advice, product, process and quality control. This includes performance improvements based on product design, multi-material selection, process selection and post-processing.

  • Digital Twins for processes, product and materials Digital Twin solutions consisting of full 4D models enriched with additional features and multi-physics simulation will enable the AM based production and life-cycle maintenance of complex, individualized and specialized components, products and systems. Innovative Digital Twins combined with AM will enable new value-creation such as local and personalised manufacturing on-demand.

  • Design optimisation and sustainability accounting Developing new ‘Design for Manufacturing’ algorithms for AM will help optimise the product design cycle reducing material usage, life-cycle cost and carbon footprint of new products. This will support full sustainability accounting which is essential to participate in modern international supply chains such as medical devices, defence, food and transport.

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