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Research Program 2

Technology and process development, production qualification and validation

This program will focus on the development of new additive manufacturing technologies and novel processes to grow our advanced manufacturing sector, including;

  • New development and modification of existing additive manufacturing technologies and processes to use new and /or recycled materials.

  • Creating the next generation of process parameters to enhance part quality and performance.

  • Development of multi-material and hybrid additive manufacturing techniques.

  • Development of software tools for design optimization and process simulation to support zero waste and zero emission opportunities.

  • Development of new standards and guidelines for qualifying additive manufacturing processes.

  • Validation of additive manufacturing processes to ensure part quality and consistency.

  • Development of Certification protocols for additive manufacturing systems, materials, and processes.

  • Development of test methods for evaluating mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of additively manufactured parts.

  • Characterization of microstructure and defects in additively manufactured parts.

  • Assessment of the impact of process variations on part quality.

  • Verification of part performance through mechanical testing and analysis.

  • Development of efficient and environmental-friendly post-processing techniques (hard surfacing/cladding/ heat-treatment etc.) for improving surface finish, dimensional stability and part performance.

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