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For potential industry partners

Is this a good strategic fit?

The CRC matches dollar-for-dollar Industry Partner cash for collaborative manufacturing R&D and innovation projects with CRC Research Partners. This is a potential fit for Industry Partners (e.g. manufacturing and related businesses) where their strategy includes: 

  • investing in an eligible transformative manufacturing R&D project with a CRC Research Partner of between 2 and 5 years in duration, that can commence from 2025 onwards 

  • spending at least $250,000 cash per project to fund the cost of researcher salaries and operating costs at a CRC Research Partner (which, if eligible, the CRC can match dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $5 million per business) 

  • with the Research Partner(s) conducting at least 50% of the overall project research effort 

  • utilising and/or developing new manufacturing technologies and business models aligned with the CRC Research Programs to deliver commercial outcomes, including within Australia, ideally within 3 years of completion of the project 

  • collaborating with other Australian manufacturing SMEs through the project.

It is important to note that the CRC:


  • only uses Industry Partner cash contributions for the approved project, and that Industry Partner payments are paid monthly to the CRC in line with an approved project budget and Research Partner expenditure profile (i.e. cash payments are not required from Industry Partners to the CRC until project commencement) 

  • only provides matching cash funding for eligible expenditure at the Research Partner(s) and not for the Industry Partner’s own internal project or other expenses (these may be eligible to be valued as in-kind costs) 

  • requires in-kind contributions to be valued by the project parties, with the expectation that the total project in-kind (staff in-kind and other non-staff in-kind) is at least 3x the value of the Industry Partner project cash contribution 

  • does not provide funding for capital equipment, production tooling, buildings or facilities. 

Research Proposal Rationale


Projects must solve 

problems, deliver outcomes and benefits to the project partners and to the broader Australian manufacturing industry in line with National Reconstruction Fund.


Projects must apply 

additive manufacturing/ Industry 4.0 technologies and unique business models, access global supply chains and involve effective collaboration (including 

with SMEs). 


Projects must provide pathways to new markets, address the competition, develop an IP and commercialisation strategy, and deliver a return on investment. 

Potential research collaborators 

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