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Research Program 4

Education, training and transformation

This program aims to provide training and support for Australia manufacturers in adopting additive manufacturing technologies. It focuses on enhancing knowledge, skills, and capabilities related to additive manufacturing to drive transformational change in the way new products are developed. Ultimately helping our industries be more sustainable and lifting our global competitiveness.

The program facilitates technology transfer by providing guidance on intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, and commercialization strategies. It helps participants navigate the complexities associated with bringing additive manufacturing innovations from the research stage to commercialisation.

The program also recognizes the importance of developing a skilled workforce capable of leveraging additive manufacturing technologies. It offers training and certification programs to enhance the employability of individuals in the additive manufacturing industry with certificate III apprenticeship.

A key part of this program is the integration of PhD’s into the collaborative research projects. These are partly funded by the CRC and Universities and enable career pathways for researches into industry.

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