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Research Qualification Program

Education, training and transformation

Australia's need for high-value manufacturing investment is clear. Yet, without a well-trained workforce, these investments will be wasted. Consistent, collaborative, and inclusive education and training pathways are crucial for upskilling the workforce. Many of AMCRC’s partners have highlighted the urgency of addressing projected skills shortages.


AMCRC’s Education and Training Program aims to solve urgent industry-identified eduction and training shortfalls to improve competitiveness, productivity, and sustainability in manufacturing. It targets key skills shortages in additive manufacturing (AM), including materials development, production, process knowledge, and design for AM. Additionally, it will teaches key concepts on sustainability, new business models, regional economic development, and financial resilience.  


The program comprises PhD positions aligned to industry-led research themes, alongside internships for Masters and advanced engineering bachelor’s degree students. It also offers short courses supporting diversity. PhD students will be embedded in industry projects, with stipend and top-up living allowance. Additionally, the program will support PhD and Masters student competitions at major AM conferences such as APICAM and ICAMT.  


A core focus will be advancing vocational training, including technical apprenticeships and Cert 3/4 programs in product design, machine production, and maintenance provided by TAFE and training providers. Throughout AMCRC's term online and in-person workshops, short courses, and micro credentials will be developed to help continuously up skill existing employees.

The aim is to deliver a comprehensive Education and Training Program that enhances capability nationwide, meets the diverse skill development needs of the workforce, including women in manufacturing, re-skills older workers and provides opportunities for international graduates. 

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