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Research Program 4

Surface technologies and post processing

AMCRC will conduct research and development on surface technologies and post-processing techniques to advance surfacing, coating and repair technologies for additive manufacturing (AM) products. This will enable on-site repairs in critical sectors such as defence, mining and critical mineral processing.


Research activities

Exploring advanced finishing, surface coating and repair methods such as thermal deposition techniques (laser or plasma coating) and Wire Arc AM (3D Welding) to enhance the surface properties and functionality of AM parts


Investigating processes and parameters for substrate preparation and post-processing treatments to enhance adhesion, wear, corrosion resistance, tolerance, and aesthetics of AM components

Industry’s role

Provide insights into surface finishing requirements for specific applications, share expertise in coating technologies, and offering access to facilities and materials for experimental validation and scalability studies


Universities’ role

Conduct fundamental research on surfacing and finishing, including surface chemistry, deposition processes, and coating characterization, to develop novel formulations and optimise deposition techniques compatible with AM materials and geometries

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