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Research Program 3

Technology and process development

Under Research Program 3, AMCRC will develop additive manufacturing (AM) expertise and processes that refine core AM technologies to address defects, enhance efficiency and improve reliability. In close collaboration with industry, the CRC will also enhance smart inspection techniques to ensure stable and repeatable production processes across diverse AM applications, facilitating certified manufacturing in aerospace, defence, and medical sectors.


Research activities

Developing advanced process optimisation algorithms and machine parameter control limits to enhance AM production efficiency and quality, alongside the implementation of standardised testing protocols and certification procedures for AM-produced components


Utilising computational modelling, machine learning, and optimisation techniques to enhance AM parameters, while ensuring part quality and performance through mechanical testing, non-destructive evaluation, and reliability analysis

Industry’s role

Access to manufacturing data and facilities for to validate optimisation algorithms, providing feedback on industry standards and regulatory requirements, and share data for validation studies

Universities’ role

Conducting theoretical research on process modelling and algorithm development, investigate manufacturing and testing methodologies and reliability analysis, while collaborating with regulatory bodies to establish certification standards

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