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CSIRO additive manufacturing research spans diverse materials and printing systems, concentrating on materials and process development.



CSIRO works with specialty alloys, metal matrix composites and functional gradients. We specialise in using multiple techniques in tandem to produce complex, highly specialised components. We are also world leaders in the use of industrial robotics for additive manufacturing applications. For these, we design tool path algorithms (precise routes for the robots to follow) and in situ measurement systems.


Resin development

CSIRO develops and prints parts using novel resins that possess a range of special attributes including biocompatibility, super softness, great compressive elasticity, high transparency, and adjustable mechanical properties.


Filament printing

CSIRO combines world-class expertise in materials design, functional powders and composites, along with advanced processing and 3D printing capabilities to develop printable plastics with bespoke functionality. We also use custom-made equipment to fabricate many different feedstocks.


Simulation and software development

CSIRO offers advanced simulation techniques for modelling additive manufacturing processes. We have also created software to mass customise 3D-printed parts without the need for expert designers.

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