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Griffith University

Griffith University has been committed to additive manufacturing for over a decade, investing in excellent industry / academia research facilities for metals, polymers and, most recently, ceramics. We combine fundamental and applied research, supporting companies to develop new products, but also new business models to exploit the opportunities additive manufacturing brings – and avoid the pitfalls. 


Our Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies Institute (ADaPT), led by Professor Stefanie Feih is designed for commercial in-confidence product development, and manufactures products for biomedical applications, as well as complex designs for additive manufacturing across a variety of industries. Griffith researchers provide their expert knowledge for developing innovative structures for alloys, metamaterials, biocompatible materials, ceramics, concrete, resins, and polymers. ADaPT has the proven capability to take new product concepts from idea stage and industrial design through to proof-of-concept for prototyping fabrication and testing products that are manufacturable and marketable – considering relevant international standards, quality control systems and regulatory approvals.


We are aware that the challenges of integrating additive manufacturing involve rethinking business models and operations as much as designing products (see example Defence). Our business researchers will work with you to provide an objective, informed evaluation of the opportunities and challenges of 3D printing, with realistic pathways to achieving your company’s additive manufacturing aims, whilst upskilling and preparing employees (

Please contact Jennifer Loy, Professor of Digital Business Innovation to discuss partnership opportunities.

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