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RMIT additive manufacturing research is delivered through the RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing.  The Centre innovates advanced additive manufacturing technologies and materials science to make our industry partners more competitive in global supply chains. 


We conduct high quality research that delivers integrated solutions and tangible benefits to:

  • Industry: including companies in aerospace, biomedical, defence, automotive, and power generation.

  • Government and society


Our fundamental and applied research is driven by market requirements and focused on the following areas:

  • Design Shape and topology optimisation algorithms, bio-inspired design and connectivity between additive manufacturing and industrial design industry

  • Materials and Manufacturing Process control, materials design and development, process modelling and material characterisation.  



  • Generate intellectual property and provide detailed technical assessment and analysis of additive manufacturing approaches for industry partners.

  • Advice to business, government, and non-government organisations.

  • Transitioning from rapid prototyping to full-scale 3D printing or additive manufacturing of components in advanced materials, manufacturing of customized functional products and parts directly from design, removing the need for tooling.

  • Conferences and workshops on 3D printing technologies and applications of relevance to industry and government organisations. 



The RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing has access to the latest in metal and polymer additive manufacturing systems as well as the high-end three and five axis CNC machining centres. Facilities include:

  • TRUMPF TruLaser cell 7020 5-axis laser machining centre

  • AML3D WAAM cell

  • SLM solutions 500HL, 280HL, 125 HL metal printers

  • Aconity Midi+ metal printer

  • Fortus 900

  • J750 printer

  • Projet 7000

  • OKUMA  MU-500VII-L Multitasking 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

  • OKUMA Multus- Six axis CNC machining Centre

  • X-ray CT system (GE v/tome/xS)

  • Laser scanners


Our researchers also have access to the RMIT’s Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility (RMMF) and Micro NanoResearch Facility (MNRF) for material characterization and analysis.


Commercialisation Highlight

We are commercialising 3D printing technology for ballistic protection developed in collaboration with the Defence Science Technology Group (DSTG) through AMIGA Engineering.


Project Highlights

  • Design and 3D manufacture of the first Australian titanium spinal disk, partnering  with medical implant producer Anatomics. Implanted into a patient in 2015 (

    Story: 3D-printed spine disc ‘has given me my whole world back’)

  • 3D printing of the two Australian M2 cube sats chassis that were launched into space in 2021

  • 3D printing of custom implant for a hind leg of a dog which saved it from amputation in 2020. (Partnering with University of Queensland). (Story: Seymour-the-rescue-dog)

See the RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing website for more stories. 



Professor Milan Brandt


Deputy Directot                                                                                            Professor Ma Qian                                         


Deputy Director

Associate Professor Andrey Molotnikov


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