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Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne University of Technology offers the following:

Cold spray Additive Manufacturing and coating for anti-bacterial, Thermoelectrical Generators; simulation of PBF process, Laser cladding (blue laser); Certification and qualification of aerospace parts; Topological optimisation for stress, vibration and light-weighting; Energy absorption of AM structures; Concrete 3D printing; Materials & Digitisation of 3D printing construction; Digital manufacturing and digital twin; Design and prototyping of new product development; Thermal spray coating; polymer, composites and metal additive manufacturing; Robotics and Automation through reverse engineering, replacements and finishing of parts; Post-processing – heat treatment and non-destructive laser ultrasound inspection; finish machining of different additive manufactured technologies; Durability and damage tolerance; Artificial Intelligence and machining learning for process optimization of additive manufacturing; High-speed impact testing at room, elevated and low temperature; mechanical and material characterization; 3D laser machining/printing using ultra-short lasers; Novel nano-composites / alloys / glasses / ceramics; Fully digitally integrated composite manufacturing line: from fibre to part; Light-matter interaction at high pressure/temperature conditions (direct energy deposition); 3D Bio-printing of Tissues; Business and industry 4.0 readiness assessments for additive manufacturing industry sector


Key Facilities:

  • Factory of the Future

  • Swinburne-CSIRO Composite Industry 4.0 Testlab

  • Impact Testing facility

  • Laser, Cold and Thermal Spray capabilities

  • Digital Innovation Lab

  • 3D nanotechnology @ Nanolab

  • Bio interface Engineering Hub

  • Design Factory


Industry sectors:

  • Defence (Land, Air and Sea)

  • Aerospace

  • Space

  • Mining

  • Transport

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Digital technologies


Contact: Suresh Palanisamy,

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