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University of South Australia


The Materials Engineering Group undertakes R&D to enhance the performance and manufacturability of a wide range of materials. Focused on both fundamental materials science and translation and commercialisation with industry. We have extensive capability in the design, development and assessment of materials for industrial applications.  Principally working with additive manufacturing and coating technologies we are active in defence, transport, space and medical sectors.

We house the Industry 4.0 testlab with a range of polymer and metal printers. Supported by post processing capabilities such as heat treatment and precision machining. In addition, UniSA has an extensive array of coating capability.



Specialised Testing & Research Unit was established in 1980 by a team of academics specialising in civil engineering. It provides specialised testing and industrial research services for industry, government agencies and individuals. Testing capability of SMAG includes the following:

  • Static and repeated loading of structures and structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls and cladding)

  • Creep testing of concrete for research purposes

  • Concrete properties including compression and tensile strength, absorption, permeability, carbonation and chloride content

  • Soil suction and permeability 

  • Triaxial tests on soil and rock with pore pressure measurement



UniSA’s Industrial AI Research Centre brings together experts from across computer sciences to develop solutions for autonomous and augmented intelligence systems. We are a part of the global revolution in AI, ML, Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. 

Our researchers work with organisations around the world to develop solutions that cater to their specific needs. We have worked with Siemens, BP Australia, Yokogawa Electric and more, growing these partnerships over time to continually design sophisticated AI-driven solutions. 



As a world leader in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments - IVE - is a unique alignment of computer science, engineering, neuroscience, art, architecture, and design. IVE is responding to the challenge of increased demand for AR and VR technologies globally. Our researchers are leaders in many areas of AR and VR research including wearable computing, interface design, empathic computing, 3D visualisation, perception, and telepresence.  



UniSA’s Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies (C-EDGE) engages in research and innovation that fosters enterprising solutions for the problems that challenge local, regional, and global prosperity.

We live in a world of uncertainty, where business and government are constantly faced with rapid technological changes as well as unexpected disruptions. How can leaders of organizations, industries, and government foster and maintain innovation and enterprise in this dynamic and ever-changing environment?

C-EDGE addresses this key question with our world-class research. Our team produces high quality and theory-driven research that informs the development of improved policy and practice among entrepreneurs, business leaders, organisations, industries and government policymakers.

University of South Australia
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