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University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) stands out as a premier institution known for its exceptional commitment to industry collaboration and its strong support for the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. Within the university, the Faculty of Engineering and IT is an innovative and research-intensive faculty with a strong reputation for practice-based learning programs and industry engagement.

UTS boasts exceptional and globally recognized facilities, research capabilities, and industry partnerships, particularly in the realm of Additive Manufacturing and the broader scope of Advanced Manufacturing. Key components of our capabilities are listed below.


UTS Rapido

UTS Rapido is an impact focused R&D engineering and technology partner which bridges the gap between academia and industry and delivers solutions that create industry and social impact through. UTS Rapido collaborates with research teams, government partners, industry clients and applies its commercial R&D expertise in software, mechatronics, user experience (UX) and digital solutions to innovate new products and services that supports our client’s R&D and innovation strategies.

UTS Rapido has broad capabilities in Additive Manufacturing with specialized knowledge and expertise in the Digital Eco System as well as the custom design and construction of Additive Manufacturing equipment for the production of functional end parts.


UTS Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

The UTS Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) supports Australian manufacturers on their journey towards Industry 4.0, helping them embrace digital transformation and drive increased self-sufficiency/on-shoring of manufacturing.

The centre operates an Industry 4.0 TestLab which provides a physical space for partners to trial, explore and showcase Industry 4.0 technologies and processes.


UTS ProtoSpaceUTS ProtoSpace is a leading high-end additive manufacturing facility with a dedicated technical team that provides a wide range of services to UTS’ Industry partners. Since launch in 2018, UTS ProtoSpace has developed numerous lab processes and inventive stand-alone systems which enable us to provide a wide range of interactive Additive Manufacturing services for users.


UTS Tech LabUTS is an $80m collaborative research facility that co-locates large-scale engineering infrastructure with specialist laboratories dedicated to communication technologies, sensor development, energy systems, robotics, data analytics and AI. Partners can access experts, laboratory facilities, specialist testing equipment, student talent and office space in this 9000 m² facility, supporting an innovation ecosystem that partners start-ups, SMEs, and large multinational organisations with academic and technical teams.

University of Technology Sydney
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