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Design. Make.

Additive manufacturing and innovation will transform Australian Manufacturing 



The Additive Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (AMCRC) is an industry-led collaborative research funding organisation that is focused on advancing Australia's additive manufacturing sector.



We facilitate four Research Programs and one Education & Training program that solve problems and deliver outcomes for Australian manufacturing.


We collaborate with industry, governments 

and research organisations across Australia. 

Voices from Industry

“Additive manufacturing is transforming how products are designed, produced, and serviced. It enables on-demand production without dedicated equipment or tooling, unlocks digital design tools, and offers unparalleled flexibility across industries. Now is the time to accelerate its adoption.”

Alex Kingsbury, Market Development Manager, Additive Manufacturing

The market opportunities are large - from mining to aerospace to automotive, commercial and heavy industry sectors. SPEE3D has been working with research organisations such as Charles Darwin University and UTS to advance our 3D metal printing technology.”

Byron Kennedy, Co-founder of SPEE3D

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